Business and Financial Records

We are responsible for the accuracy, completeness, retention, security, and integrity of our
Business and Financial RecordsBusiness and Financial Records are any documents, in any format, that record a business dealing or provide evidence of a business transaction, such as:
• Financial reports and contractual documents, like agreements, job orders, and call-offs
• Sales reports
• Production records

Business and Financial Records also include documents used to obtain Marathon Oil funds or property, such as:
• Invoices
• Time sheets
• Travel and expense reports
• Receipts
• T&E cards
• P-Cards
. We must maintain proper internal controls for accurate and reliable financial reporting.

Integrity means:

  • Record all transactions truthfully, accurately, and in a timely manner, including in the correct accounting period.
  • Support all financial transactions with accurate documentation and reasonable detail.
  • Never make false or misleading entries in our books or records.
  • Follow record retention requirements, keeping what is required, and destroying what has expired or should not be retained.
  • Do not destroy or alter any records or business information related to an investigation or lawful request.
  • Take seriously any expense approval requirements and enforce consequences for falsifying expense reports.
  • Report any erroneous or misleading entries that we may discover in review or maintenance of data.